Friday, September 17, 2010

Socks. Boo-urns.

Today I wore shoes and socks for the first time in months, and it wasn't pleasant.

I mean, I knew that this day had to come. It just happens around this time of year. It wasn't that it was going to be frigidly awful outside. On the contrary - it was going to be sixty-something degrees. But... it was supposed to rain all day.

Now, wearing flip flops is one of my favorite things to do. Ever. I love flip flops that much. I have several pair of Reefs, and they are comfortable and arch-supporting, and completely the opposite of the plastic three-dollar pairs at Old Navy. I wear them into the ground (I still have a pair purchased in 1996, and I am totally serious about this). They are amazing!

But wearing flip flops - any flip flops - in the rain? Not fun. It's fine for running to your car, or for short errands, but when it comes to walking two miles home in the rain? That is a difficult, slippery, enraging walk. One that I would not wish on my WORST ENEMY.

So when the day comes when I must throw my Reefs in the corner and put on actual socks and shoes, it's... well, it's a little depressing.

So there I was, running late for work (because... do you know me? It's pretty much my m.o.), and lo! By looking outside, I determined that flip flops are simply not an option. For the first time in months, I dug in the closet for a pair of sneakers, freeing them from their solitude (but hey, at least they had each other, right?), and prepared them for their big day.

As I walked to the bus, things got irritating. My feet were hot. The laces were constricting. My feet were getting angry, and there was nothing I could do! The socks were a foreign fabric, enveloping my feet, and all they wanted was to burst from the shoes and run around as nature intended.

So it was a rough day, is what I'm saying.


Jenny said...

I need to get you hooked on Rainbow flip flops, you'll never go back to reefs. Plus they have flip flops for every occation (and in every color) so you never need shoes! (unless you live in the colder parts of the country, come visit me please.)

Heather said...

jenny - Even though I'm not a Georgetown asshole, I actually have a pair of Rainbows (from Merrick!). They ripped up my feet so badly I thought that I was going to die.

I know that most shoes require a breaking-in period, but I've tried on several occasions, and I don't see it happening!