Sunday, September 05, 2010

I'm Old Now... Apparently I'm Just Now Realizing This

I knew that thirty was going to hit me eventually, but I had no idea when. Would it be this past week, when all of the freshmen moved into the dorms? Would it be earlier this week, when I realized that incoming college freshmen were born in 1992?

(Seriously, they were BORN in 1992.)

No, it was Tuesday, when I was at the mall spending my birthday gift cards.

I hit up Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and JCrew (which never fails to remind me of awesome old roommate, Jenny. Hi Jenny!), as well as The Limited and Williams Sonoma. I know that this sounds excessive, but trust me, this is not how I usually shop. Gift cards, peeps. Gift cards. I roamed about a bit before aimlessly strolling into H&M.

I soon realized that I needed to get the hell out of there. Fast. You know, before someone mistook me for a narc or something. It's not that I can't wear some of the clothes in there, I can. But most of the things in there? I wore them in the eighties. And doesn't the rule state that if you wore a trend once, you can't wear it again when it rolls back around? Much like technology, fashion is cyclical. You can't escape leggings! You can't! They'll be back in 2030!

So I'm totally fine with not being able to wear the majority of the styles in that place, but what happened to the basics they used to carry? V-neck sweaters and cotton t-shirts? I couldn't find them. Appropriately-lengthed skirts and fitted shirts? Nowhere. Everything there is horribly hideous and the worst part is that I know that I am going to be seeing most of it on campus.

But what I find really strange? All of the plaid flannel shirts. I was completely unaware that grunge was making a comeback. Yay for Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana!

Wait. I already did grunge. In eighth grade. Dammit.


Jenny said...

Shout out j crew!

Heather said...

jenny - Do you even go there anymore, now that you live in constant 70-degree weather?