Monday, September 13, 2010

Now That I'm Realizing How Much Money I've Been Wasting, I Want to Throw Myself Off Of a Building

I hate admitting that I am wrong. That I was wrong. That I will possibly be wrong at some point in the future. The whole idea of giving up the infectious power of BEING CORRECT makes me nauseous.

It's bad enough when I am wrong... having to admit it? Gah.

So here goes, "Jill, I was wrong. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG."

And now you're all, "OMG, what was Heather wrong about?" and "My stars, who the hell is this Jill person?"

You see, I was lucky enough to meet Jill last summer, while temping at the Medical School. She hated her real job, and I hated my temp job, and eventually she transferred out to another department, and I got a real, actual job that paid me benefits. Which was awesome for the both of us, except that we were now working miles apart. MILES.

So because she drives to work and stays there all day, she has a parking permit. I work there in the mornings only, and then have to get my ass to Central Campus, where a good parking spot is more valuable than 77 virgins. So I hadn't gotten a parking pass because lo! Buses exist! And I could take one in the morning and then when that job was over, I would take another to my main job! Of course, that would mean an hour of bus riding each day, but that's what books are for!

So that happened. For about three weeks. Then I started getting lazy. Hitting snooze repeatedly. Staying at Mike's. Staying at Mike's and hitting snooze repeatedly. And I started driving to the A.M. job.

For someone like me, without a permit, it costs $1.10 per hour to park in the visitor lot. I work for four hours, give or take fifteen minutes here and there. That's ... almost five dollars a day! And I've been doing this for... way longer than I would like to admit.

So Jill told me, pretty much every time I talked to her, that paying for visitor parking was completely retarded and that I should get a parking pass. I may be a temp employee up here on North Campus (making me ineligible for a pass), but I am a salaried employee on Central Campus. BEATING THE SYSTEM IS FUN.

Yet, I ignored her. It would be silly to have a pass! There are many gradations of permits, and the one I would need to park up on North Campus was practically nonexistent on Central Campus.

But the other day, when waltzing into work, I noticed a sign about parking permits and how "easy!" it was to order one! So I checked out the site.

Basically, I can park up here for less than twelve bucks each month, and the fee is taken out of my paycheck before taxes. So six dollars every two weeks, or five dollars A DAY?

So I ordered a permit.

And I wonder why I never have money to like, buy food. God, I'm an idiot.

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