Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mr. Happy Dinosaur's Day on the Town

Mr. Happy Dinosaur? He doesn't get out much. It's not that he's scared of the big, bad world. On the contrary - he's a fucking dinosaur. Nothing scares him.

No, he just likes human companionship. And to be perfectly honest, that Lamby Lamb character gets on his nerves once in a while. You see, Mr. Happy Dinosaur has been through so much - meteorites falling from the sky, the age of mammals, Woodstock... And Lamby Lamb is only a few years old and therefore just doesn't "get it."

In happier times...

So Mr. Happy D tagged along with me (and later Mike) for the day. There were places to go and people and things to see! Food to eat and things to drink!

First off, he accompanied me to my brother's house, and realized that the passenger seat was a pretty sweet place to be.

Watching the Detroit Lions lose - again - was too much for him to bear. He needed a beer.

Later that day, he accompanied me and Mike to dinner. As we drove past the construction site of a Walmart going in near Mike's house, he could barely contain his disgust:

I think that he felt more comfortable in Mike's new car:

At Dos Pesos, it was clear that all he really needed was a Coke:

Oh, and some jicama:

But really, he was most interested in Mike's enchiladas:

On the drive home, he got a hold of the iPod:

All in all, it was a banner day for Mr. Happy D. He got good food and drinks, lots of time in the car, and time away from Lamby Lamb. A good day.


lem said...

Did anyone give you weird looks for having a dinosaur on your table?

Heather said...

lem - No. Trust me, where we were... a stuffed dinosaur on the table is fairly normal.