Friday, July 23, 2010

Reasons to Love Ann Arbor #9 - Le Dog

Le Dog is a hot dog stand located just west of central campus. Their hot dogs were voted as the best in town years running, but it's their soup that has cemented them as an Ann Arbor institution.

I never went there as a student. I have no idea why other than maybe I was convinced that it was a soup-nazi kind of establishment and I was terrified to annoy someone by ordering incorrectly.

Either way, I am annoyed with myself for waiting so long.

Six Bean Soup

Chicken Tortilla soup

Veal Tarragon soup

And to blow your mind even more? Their most popular, long-standing, only-served-on-Thursday-and-Friday soup? Lobster Bisque. At a hot dog stand.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks: Le Dog is only open from 11:30-2, Monday-Friday. They accept cash only. The line can be really, really long.

But once you order and your lunch is handed to you in a brown paper bag, all of those things just disappear. The food is THAT good.

Le Dog is just another Ann Arbor mainstay that helps define the city as different and eclectic. Plus, the food is fantastic. That can't hurt.


Sunny said...

Okay, I totally believe you that the food is delicious.

But in the pictures, those soups look like something I have recently cleaned out of baby diapers.

Thanks Heather, I'm throwing up now.

Heather said...

sunny - Um, GROSS.

Whatever, I'll still eat soup from there.