Friday, July 16, 2010


Emily sent me this picture, which is pretty awesome:

She was babysitting, and all I could think of was how jealous I was that she was playing with Play-Doh and all I was doing was laying by the pool. Life is hard! Play-Doh is way better than swimming!

My favorite Play-Doh, uh... set (accessory?) was a barber shop. It was basically awesome - the Play-Doh would ooze out of the plastic heads (that looked... inappropriate) and then you got to cut the hair with plastic scissors.

How did we get through the 80s, seriously?


Em said...

Your life is hard.
I also loved that barber shop set. There is nothing better than squeezing out play-doh hair and cutting it.

Heather said...

em - I know! But someone has to lay by the pool. Mike's paying association fees, so I might as well go to the pool since he doesn't.