Friday, July 09, 2010

Oh, and My Legs Got Sunburned, But Nothing Else

I've only been kayaking once since the trip to Wisconsin back in 2007, and it was a lovely experience on the Huron River. Kelly and I decided to go kayaking on the 4th, and the timing was such that we decided to forgo the usual trip and try the longer one.

Instead of three miles, we would be doing 7.1 miles. Not so bad, right? Well, the Huron River isn't really known for it's quick current, and this route actually took us through a pond at one point.

Kelly is also in slightly better shape than me. She actually seems to care about what is going to happen to her body as she ages, and apparently I need to start thinking about that. Anyway, she's stronger. And even though she kept saying that we were in no hurry, I was constantly many, many yards behind her, struggling to catch up.

My arms are weak, you see.

But we saw all sorts of birds and jumping fish and turtles, and Kelly really enjoyed it when I pointed them all out to her. (I really appreciate that she deals with my insanity - she even pointed out a bird to me.) I was brave and brought my camera in a ziplock bag, and was able to get some acceptable pictures:

Just in case you couldn't find the great blue heron.

Ah, nature.

It took about four days for my arms and back to go back to normal. It was an amazing workout. If I had a kayak, perhaps I would get out there more, who knows?

All we know is that next time? We will bring more than just water. Like beers. Possibly some food. But mostly beers.


Waayers said...

I like your photoshopping skillz. Also, the picture of the lily pads is lovely!

Heather said...

waayers - Yeah, I'm pretty sweet.