Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Best Thing to Happen Thus Far in 2010

Mike's horrid neighbors are gone! GONE!

We noticed a change a few weeks ago, namely the lack of constant, ear-splitting noise. We figured that they had gone somewhere for Christmas break or something, and just relished in the quiet. Relished! Quiet!

But weeks went by, and they hadn't returned. It was quiet. It was peaceful. There was no screaming, crying, yelling, sobbing, stomping, punching, breaking, or power tools. Yes, power tools. At all hours of the night!

It is simply glorious.

We had no idea how bad it really was until they were gone. And while I still feel guilty about not calling the cops or child protective services on them, I have hope that their new - albeit extremely unfortunate - neighbors have bigger balls than I.

But really, don't you want to live in a place that has no garage, because they converted it into a BEDROOM? And wouldn't you want to live in a place that is advertised like this:

This is what the sign is leaning on - an abandoned stroller.
Because, obviously it is.

Oh, and this is the front stoop area.

There's my reflection. Hi!

If it sits vacant and attracts rodents and roaches, even the ginormous roaches found in DC (shudder), and they somehow migrate into Mike's adjacent condo, it would still be better than having that family return.

I'm not saying that I would enjoy rodents and dolphin-sized roaches invading my life, but seriously, that family was THE WORST.

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