Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Plight of the Small of Foot

I like knee socks in the winter. I wear my favorite boots almost every day, and while they are Thinsulate-lined, I like to have a nice pair of long socks to seal the deal.

Plus, it's cold here in January.

Semi-related side note (or as Mike calls it, "peripheral nonsense"): K-10 went to an all-girls Catholic high school, and was required to wear a uniform. She had to wear a skirt and knee socks, and in the midst of a Michigan winter, it was fucking cold. They used to only shave their legs from where their socks ended and where the skirts began, hoping to retain some warmth. Hilarious!

Anyway, there are two main problems I encounter when it comes to finding and purchasing knee socks:

First, my feet are mini, so I search in the children's department. This does not always bode well, considering that I find thin, inappropriately colored and/or designed socks, or... well, nothing much else.

Second, most adult knee socks are either thin, trouser socks or super thick, woolen Bigfoot socks perfect for camping in Alberta in February, not so much appropriate for wearing to work.

WELL, my mother, the miracle worker, pulled a fast one on Santa this year and bought me the awesomest socks to ever sock: soccer socks.

What's so amazing about soccer socks? Well, there is lots of elastic. They never droop! And if I want to throw some shin guards in there, I TOTALLY CAN.

I still have to wear an additional pair of socks underneath since my feet are mini, but they deliver on the two most important requirements: they are warm and lengthy. My feet and legs are happy. The end.


Kristen said...

Yep, Kristen only did that in high school. She doesn't do that anymore, despite the fact that wears a skirt and boots basically everyday. Nope, not at all. Nope, the reason she was almost late for swimming last night wasn't because she realized that it might be necessary to have shaved legs. FULLY shaved. Not just the bangs off the knees.

Dammit. Damn you, Catholic School! And Judifer. I'm sure it's somehow her fault.

Heather said...

k-10 - Knee bangs. I just snorted.