Tuesday, January 05, 2010

But I Want it NOW

You know what I hate? Well, I hate so many things (including slow walkers, un-handicapped people who park in handicapped parking spots, bright white tennis shoes with business suits, and people on the bus who sit in the aisle seat and won't move over even if there is no where else to sit, GOD), but I have a point here. Maybe just a semi-point.

Well, really just a vent, because that's why I have this here blog.

But really, does anyone really enjoy the fact that you can only get some things at certain points in the year? K-10, for example, completely overdoses on Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark each Christmas season, because it's only available for consumption for like, a month. As in, she eats as much peppermint bark as possible in one sitting, and then gets up, goes to another room, and eats some more.

For me, I can't really think of a food that I love that is only offered at certain times, though I suppose hot caramel cider from Biggby would fall in that category. Whatever, it's still available now, so I can't complain. YET.

For me, this "seasonal product" idea concerns stuff. In autumn 2008, I discovered a certain scent of Bath and Body Works hand soap - Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. It was lovely and fresh, and reminded me of fall. After two months, I ran out. And the store had NONE.

After trying in vain to find it in stores, I discovered that, apparently, they run out of this particular scent in about two weeks

This year, I found Leaves. And it was EVEN BETTER than the pumpkin-y one. It was like an apple orchard on my HANDS.

And that one was sold out, too.

What is the limited edition/seasonal thing really all about? Is it so that we appreciate it more when it re-enters our lives? GAH.


Waayers said...

Just fyi - Starbucks sells caramel apple cider YEAR ROUND. And it's amazing.

Also, I do love the pumpkin scent from B&B Works. I think last year I bought two pumpkin candles because I knew they'd sell out.

Shane said...

Yes, just like the McRib.

mush said...

I've been wanting coconut cake for the last week.

Heather said...

waayers - I have come to realize this. It makes me happy. It's not as good as Biggby's version, but it's there if I'm interested...

shane - You and the damn McRib.

mush - Ooh, from where?