Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

I think that I've been watching too much Supernatural.

I was getting ready for work this morning when my microwave started beeping. I hadn't warmed up anything and forgotten about it - that's when it gives off a little reminder beep. We hadn't lost power. There were no crazy winds outside, and it's not very old, so I can't imagine that it was shorting out.

It just kept beeping.

I walked over to it and saw that instead of the time, the numbers read, "66:66." When I hit clear, it beeped another "6." And another. And another.


When I returned home from work, the microwave was fine. It wasn't until NIGHTFALL that it started back up with the shenanigans. I snapped the above picture, cowering in fear, and finally unplugged the damn thing.

Of course, when it came to eating dinner, I had all sorts of delicious things to reheat, thanks to Ann Arbor's Restaurant Week, and the damn thing wouldn't work. It kept throwing sixes and zeroes my way, wouldn't respond to the "clear" button, so basically I have decided that it's working against me. So I heated up random things in the oven. Like the pioneers.

The microwave hasn't done anything bizarre since being unplugged, but still. What I wouldn't give for Sam and Dean Winchester to come knocking on my door...


lem said...

Creepy. Glad to hear once unplugged it hasn't done anything. Yet.

JLR said...

Yes, I would love for Dean to come knocking on my door, though not for taking care of creepy things. :)

Heather said...

lem - You know, I've had it plugged in since, and it's been fine. So I'm pretty convinced that it was just a playful poltergeist.

jlr - Right? My boyfriend can't believe that I like both Sam and Dean equally. He thinks that I should like Dean more because he's a smart ass. And my boyfriend? Is also a smart ass.