Saturday, January 16, 2010

Diamond in the Rough


An eight-pack of orange cupcakes, INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED, for a super cheap price at Kroger.

Now, I refuse to mask my hatred of Kroger, especially the Kroger by Mike's house, because I have yet to experience a trip there that didn't result in disappointment.


Mike and I went to his Kroger on Saturday morning, and I picked up a few things to keep at his house so that I am not tempted to go to Boston Market or Potbelly instead of eating something cheap at home. (Hey honey, I haven't gone to Boston Market in weeks! Aren't you proud of me?) I grabbed a thing of marinara sauce from the fresh pasta section, something that I would normally just make from scratch, but sometimes I just want food without a wait.

Last night, I noticed that the stamp on the bottom said, "Use or freeze by December 9, 2009."

Um, gross.

And the time before this, I wanted grape tomatoes. I love grape tomatoes, and I snack on them instead of chips. I throw them in every recipe possible. Yeah, but Kroger doesn't seem to think that keeping NON-MOLDY tomatoes is a priority.


So when I'm at Mike's and want groceries, I usually go out of my way to an awesome place called Holiday Market. It has the best produce in the area - which I don't think is too much to ask for - as well as an awesome wine selection, a gorgeous deli, and a swoon-worthy bakery.

Right, so Kroger?

I hate you. You carry my favoritest cupcakes in a satisfying, individually-wrapped eight-pack, and that's awesome, but I still fucking hate you.

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