Monday, January 30, 2012

Poor Baby Focus

No, I haven't knocked off another side mirror. Not yet.

Mike gifted me a remote car starter for Christmas, and he had it installed in early December. Very thoughtful on his part, as it tends to get chilly here in Michigan in late November, and getting into a nice, warm, defrosted car is pretty much the best thing ever. Well, besides not having to leave the house at all.

Lately, though, it's been struggling to start up, and for the last week, it hasn't started at all. I have to override the system and start the car regularly. The cold, frosted-over car. Poor, cold, sad Focus.

Today, I got up at 5:10 to go to the gym (I know - no good can ever come from getting up that early, especially if it's to go to the gym), and my poor baby Focus was just not having it. The engine barely made a sound as I tried to start her up, and as I froze my toes off, the dying cat noises that it was making eventually just ceased altogether.


I was parked behind the garage, nicely and efficiently blocking Mike in, so he couldn't just take me to work with plans to deal with the car later. We don't have jumper cables, and we know absolutely no one in the area who does, so I pulled a teenage girl move and called my dad.

My "Always Plan For the Worst" father had jumper cables, and drove 30 minutes to my house to jump my poor little car. POOR BABY FOCUS!

Then, the Focus got a shiny new battery AND an oil change (just for fun), and it was like a day at the spa for her. She starts up just fine and runs like a dream.

And my budget is fucked.

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