Wednesday, February 01, 2012

It's Like a Rainshower of AWESOME

Mike bought and installed new shower heads for our bathrooms, and they are basically amazing. If I hadn't started to run out of hot water this morning, you can bet that I would probably still be in there, withering away. Withering away happily.

My mom was the handy one in our household. She could pretty much fix anything - still can, really. It wasn't that my dad couldn't fix the faucet, it's that he was probably procrastinating, off in his comfy chair, reading a book about Harry S. Truman or something. My mom also really enjoys the fixing of things.

This book weighs a metric ton, I swear.

I also enjoy the fixing of things, but Mike was working from home this week and I was not, and it was all lovely and installed when I got home from work. He's pretty much the best.

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