Friday, December 03, 2010

Louisiana. Why Would Anyone Live There?

Oh, you guys. Oh my. OH MY AWESOME.

I think that I have discovered the best show ever to be on television, and possibly the best show that will ever BE on television.

Billy the Exterminator. It's amazing. Billy and his family members run a pest control business in Louisiana, and they take care of all manner of critters from gators and snakes to foxes and armadillos.

Armadillos, you guys!

This is Billy.

He has many studded shirts. We wears a cowboy hat with spikes on it. You know, as you do.

Oh, and he wears biker boots with spikes on the toes.

Also, they spend an inordinate amount of time pointing out the location of anuses on snakes. Seriously.

This is one of the most entertaining reality shows that I have ever seen. My favorite parts of each episode are when Billy interacts with his clients. Perfection. If this show is trying to dispel Southern stereotypes... well, it's not succeeding.

DVR this masterpiece. You will not be disappointed.


lem said...

I really hope he isn't "exterminating" that fox and opossum. Knowing you and the whole crying thing he must just be relocating them, right?

Anonymous said...

you and I know who really discovered this show.....

Heather said...

lem - No, they kill bugs and such, but relocate pretty much everything else.

anony (Mike) - Yeah, maybe it wasn't me. I think that it was Dawn.