Sunday, December 12, 2010

Epic Girls' Weekend of Epicness

Well this post is a long time coming - my girls visited over Halloween weekend, and I'm just now getting to it.

For shame, I know.

We all interned together at the National Museum of American History in the fall of 2003 and this was our long-awaited reunion. Betsy arrived first, with colleagues, as she was attending a conference at the University - the main reason we chose this weekend for our frienaissance.

My plan was to take a surprise arrival picture of each friend, but Betsy flew in while I was still at work, and when Laurel arrived, the cops were barely letting cars come to a complete stop in order to pick people up, so the only one I really got was Merrick:

So very excited.

We stayed up late, eating junk and drinking wine, and bringing each other up to date on our lives. Since we all met in 2003, I moved back to Michigan, Merrick got married, Betsy moved to New York and then back to California, and Laurel bought an amazing house in the Eastern Market area of DC.

Betsy was stuck at her stupid conference all day Friday, so the three of us headed to the Exhibit Museum to see dinosaurs.

After a whirlwind morning, we came back to my house to relax, and Merrick promptly fell asleep on the couch.

After resting (though not as much as Merrick), we started the evening off at Melange, where we enjoyed their happy hour. We all have vastly different tastes, as evidenced below:

Then it was off to Conor O'Neill's to eat the best dessert in town (strawberry rhubarb crumble) and await Betsy's arrival. There she is!

Then it was off to the new martini bar in town, Black Pearl.

Laurel and Betsy (former roommates):

Heather and Merrick (crazy people):

Saturday started off with breakfast at Afternoon Delight (it was delightful) before shopping around at the farmer's market. We somehow ended up sitting on my porch, drinking wine.

Betsy was finally free from the conference in the early evening. We picked her up and immediately went to dinner.

This happened after margaritas, in case you were wondering:

And no trip to Ann Arbor is complete without seeing a real, live hipster. This one was wearing a sailor's cap. You know, as you do.

It was a banner weekend, and we had a great time together. We're trying to decide where our next reunion will be: southern California or DC...?


Jenny said...

I vote So Cal!

lem said...

DC, DC! Free place to stay!

Heather said...

jenny - Obviously :)

lem - I need to see pictures of your new place!!

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