Thursday, December 30, 2010

I ALWAYS Forget a Face. Apparently.

I really don't check The Facebook all that often, but I've been getting more frequent updates and messages, which sends an email to my gmail, which sometimes prompts me to follow those links to see exactly what people are talking about. Sometimes.

So here's the thing - The Facebook gives me friendly "reminders" telling me that I probably have more friends! I should spend more time on this life-sucking website!

"Hey loser! You need more friends! You know, people that you might have spoken to at a party or because they are friends with your coworker. Click NOW! CLICKITY CLICK CLICKY!"

The Facebook has decided that there are hundreds of people that I "might" know just because my acquaintances are "friends" with these randoms. And at first, I didn't think that I recognized anyone, but when I started to actually pay attention to the names as I quickly clicked through, names started to ring bells. Well, only a few bells.

The problem I started having, however, was placing the names. I knew the name, but couldn't remember how I knew the name. Was she from high school or college? Was he from college or grad school? Was this someone I met in DC, or once I returned to Michigan?

Then I just closed my laptop and resumed watching Candice Olson on HGTV because she is THE AWESOME.

I thought that I was supposed to become wise in my old age. All I've got is forgetfulness and creaky knees and I love to watch home improvement/decorating shows. What the hell, LIFE?


Mary said...

Well Heather, I guess I have joined the "no life" club. I can't remember simple things and I adore watching HGTV shows. And I love Candice's new show although I miss Chico!
Mrs. M

Heather said...

mary - Chico is gone? Oh no!