Friday, November 20, 2009

Apparently, We're Turning Into RUSSIA

What the hell? First, we find out that recommendations are in place to severely limit access to mammograms to women under fifty, and now they want us to agree to a pelvic exam every two to three years instead of every twelve months?

(Nice picture on that article, by the way. THANKS, CNN.)

I don't know much about the health care industry (as evidenced here), but I cannot see how this is a good idea. Early detection has been drilled into our heads as being the best way to beat so many types of cancers. I don't like that these "recommendations" could lead to non-coverage of procedures by insurance companies.

This just seems really dangerous for women, doesn't it? It seems ominous. Dark clouds in the sky, and whatnot. Electrical storms! Cattle mutilations! No, wait... I think I've been watching too much Supernatural with Mike...

Anyway, I do know that when I was one of the many women paying out of pocket for my personal health insurance plan, I was frustrated and super annoyed to discover that very few plans offered coverage for women's health. I paid more in monthly fees and premiums just so that I could be slightly protected. And I still got charged lab fees, just for following a procedure that I knew was important to my overall health.

I was angry when I heard about the mammogram bullshit, but now I am really pissed off. Maybe early detection isn't the most effective anymore. I don't believe that, but if that's what the doctors think, then they are going to have to do a hell of a lot better to convince us that it's the best course of action.

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