Sunday, May 10, 2009

100 50 Things

I never got around to doing this for my one hundredth post, but would you settle for my nine hundredth post?

(I can't believe that this is my 900th post. I should have been out in the three dimensional world doing something interesting instead of writing about Virginia motorists or DC's Madame Tussaud's franchise).

So here are one hundred fifty things about me:

(I realized that I didn't even want to know 100 things about me, so I'm sure that you people don't either. Here are fifty instead. You're welcome.)

1. I am allergic to cats.
2. The clothes in my closet are arranged by color.
3. I drive at least ten mph faster than the speed limit.
4. I almost flunked calculus in college.
5. I am an avid bird watcher.
6. I wear a size four shoe.
7. I hate cooking on electric stoves.
8. I always wanted to be a counselor at a sleepaway camp.
9. I really miss DC's metro.
10. I eventually want children but am absolutely terrified to be pregnant.
11. I have stood up in the weddings of five friends/relatives. With another this summer!
12. I hated trying new cuisines until I moved to DC.
13. If I ever found them, I would spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect pair of jeans.
14. I drink too much Coca Cola.
15. I love my sister-in-law like she's my own sister.
16. I like apple cinnamon scented candles.
17. If my teenage self had had the discipline, I would have pursued ballet as a career.
18. I think designer purses are ugly.
19. I love the smell of used books.
20. I don't like getting flowers as a gift, but I love giving them.
21. I don't know what I'd do without my mom.
22. I procrastinate about ten times a day. This list has taken me a week to complete.
23. I've saved all of my National Geographic magazines since 2002.
24. I can find a Friends quote for any occasion.
25. I love Polish food, but I hate how long it takes to prepare.
26. I didn't do my taxes until April 13 this year.
27. I've had the same winter coat for six years.
28. Even knowing what I do now, I still wouldn't redo high school.
29. My favorite movies are all about princesses.
30. I interned and worked at the Smithsonian Institution.
31. Audrey Hepburn is my idol.
32. I don't think that one can ever have too many blankets.
33. I think my dad is the most intelligent person I've ever known.
34. I don't weigh enough to give blood.
35. Walking in the dense woods of northern Michigan is the closest I have ever felt to God.
36. I have a difficult time throwing things away.
37. I only applied to one college, and four years later to only one graduate school.
38. I love the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
39. My favorite mixed drink is an Amaretto Sour.
40. I love falling asleep during thunderstorms.
41. I have a BA in history with a minor in archaeology.
42. My favorite ice cream is peanut butter and chocolate.
43. I've visited the battlefields of Gettysburg more than five times.
44. I love cider and Guinness, but pretty much no other beer.
45. I am 50% Polish.
46. I own over 500 books.
47. I suffer from migraines.
48. I played the saxophone for seven years.
49. I first visited Europe when I was sixteen years old.
50. I fall more in love with my boyfriend every day.


RR said...

Audrey Hepburn is my inspiration (followed by Grace Kelly). Even though I am not remotely graceful, I speak too quickly, and have never, never, never looked even as close to elegant as she did in any and everything she wore, I always hold out hope.

I also am fond of the Amaretto Sour…and also the Tom Collins.

Me, too, for Sherlock Holmes. Have you seen Without a Clue ?

And I also almost flunked calculus in college. And I never understood why I even had to take calculus, considering I was a French major and a History minor.

But, alas, we do not wear the same shoe size.

lem said...

Re: #10. I think we're the opposite.

mush said...

7. Me too.
17. I would have gone to M.I.T.
19. Ditto.
22. As well.
24. Never watched a full episode of "Friends."
27.I haven't had a winter coat for...well, its been a long time.
30. I didn't, but I bet I have spent very close to the same amount of time in the museums as you.
33. Is my Dad your Dad?
40. I just love the thunderstorms. I have had a lightning strike within 75 feet of me.
42. I can't eat ice cream.
45. I am 50% half smoke.
47. I'm sorry.
50. What are you waiting for?

Shane said...

51. I have the coolest friend, Shane.

Heather said...

rr - It's a good thing that we don't have the same show size. It makes my life hell sometimes.

lem - So you want to be pregnant? Like, you'd enjoy it? I mean, I shouldn't make fun - my mom said that she absolutely loved being pregnant, so who am I to judge?

mush - re: #50 - Soon. Soon. :)

shane - It's true. You definitely are the coolest.