Sunday, January 20, 2013

Technology is Cyclical

Ah, I love Dennis Duffy, the Beeper King.

Actually, I believe that fashion is cyclical.  I mean, I was wearing my mom's old 60s clothes in high school, and I looked incredible (I'm so modest).  Thanks to Clueless, short skirts were no longer frowned upon.  Well, they were, but we wore them anyway.

Unfortunately, things I (regrettably) wore in the early 90s seem to be back "in fashion" now.  Thanks to sidebar advertisements on websites that I frequent, I can offer you a horribly chilling example:

Oh sweet Jesus, what the hell is this?  I, too, wore leotards with jeans, which is what I am assuming that this is, but I swear to God I didn't look like this.  First of all, I was in eighth grade, and the rate of the development of my chestral area was damn near glacial.  

Also, I certainly didn't need the support, but those jeans could *almost* serve as her bra.  LOOK HOW HIGH THEY ARE, YOU GUYS.  Is this sexy?  She looks absolutely ridiculous.  I'd kill for her body, but still.  She looks ridiculous, and appears much bigger than she actually is.

Why is it that we are forced to relive such horrible decades of fashion?  I just don't see how designers get away with it!  Do they really want everyone wearing leggings as pants?  Do they not realize that most people should not wear leggings at all, let alone AS THE ONLY THING COVERING THEIR ASSES?  

Of course, this is coming from the girl who's favorite eighth grade outfit was a flowery dress that gathered in the back with a clip, white socks, and the Payless version of Doc Martens. So... 

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