Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Will Never Forget the Date, That's For Damn Sure

This is a bit excessive, no?


Well, technically one is Mike's (Fact or Crap), but I'm the one to rip off each page, so I have claimed them all.

My aunt gave me "A Book Lover's Calendar," and it is really awesome.  I've already discovered a ton of books that I want to read, which is great except that my "to read" list is currently at 58 books.  Fifty. Eight.

"Fact or Crap" was from Mike's mom - it's really entertaining, and I have learned that Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, never called his mother because she was deaf.  Anecdotes!

The "Mensa: 365 Brain Puzzlers" calendar was a gift from Mike.  It's pretty hardcore, but it's nice to use my brain.  Lately I feel like it's shrinking...

The "SomeEcards" calendar is mine.  MINE.  It's from Mike's mom, and does she know me or what?  I LOVE IT.  I love it because snark is one of the best things in the world.

Finally, and it's a bit of an inside joke, Kari got me the "Pest Control Tips" calendar due to my raccoon problem.  It's actually interesting learning about all of the bugs and critters that are TOTALLY ALREADY IN YOUR HOUSE and laying dormant until you do something stupid like forget to change the water in your bamboo vase.  THANKS SO MUCH, KARI.

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