Thursday, January 17, 2013

Can We Just Talk About This?

I think that this dinner is probably more acceptable when one has children.  I do not have children, yet it was beyond acceptable for me.  IT WAS SO GOOD, YOU GUYS.

That is Kraft Mac & Cheese and a turkey dog.  Remembering it now, I could cry. It was THAT GOOD.

Every so often I find that I am regressing to my ten year-old self.  My brother and I were super picky and hated most everything, and my mom wasn't a bad mom for feeding us macaroni and cheese - we literally would eat NOTHING ELSE.  The poor woman.

I bought frozen fish sticks the other day, too.  Cringe if you must, but they were amazing and they tasted like childhood - you know, once my mom and dad forced us to branch out a bit.  I even warmed up some canned peas to go with them so that it would be a complete trip down memory lane.  

Of course, it wasn't all frozen food and artificial cheese - my mom's spaghetti sauce is beyond incredible, and we actually ate it!  See also, dad's meatloaf.

I also love taking a trip down college memory lane and making myself a big bowl of ramen.  I see nothing wrong with this.  Just because it doesn't really digest that well means NOTHING.

Lastly, Kraft Mac & Cheese is WAY better than Velveeta Mac & Cheese.  DISCUSS.

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