Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Latest TV Obsessions, Part II

And now, on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Glee... True Blood.

Mmmm. Delicious.

Remember how the Twilight series made me feel like a total retard for reading the insipid books? This show is about vampires, too, but it's pretty much the opposite of embarrassing. It's intriguing with impressive character development (with likable, lovable characters), gratuitous sex scenes (unlike stupid G-rated Twilight), and really appealing storylines.

I watched the first two seasons of True Blood - with the help of netflix, my library, and the internets - in under four days.

So I raved about them to the many people I've seen in the last three days, and my words have easily found willing ears.

For example, let's cut to Kelly at Blockbuster today:

Kelly: (at the counter) "I'd like to rent disc one of season one of True Blood, please."
Clerk: "Oh. Honey. You have a free rental coupon. You should get disc two as well."
Kelly: "Yeah, my friend raved about them. She and her crazy eyes said that they're pretty addictive."
Other Clerk: "Yeah, you should rent the second disc, too."
Kelly: "Wow, okay."
Clerk: "Also, there are only two episodes on the first disc. Get the second. Trust me."
Kelly: "OKAY."

And now she and her boyfriend are hooked. Hee.

Based on an ever-growing series of books by Charlaine Harris, True Blood tells the tale of waitress Sookie Stackhouse and her encounters with vampires and other such supernaturals. Recently "out of the coffin" due to a Japanese invention of synthetic blood, vampires made themselves known to the rest of the world after centuries of hiding in the shadows. They're involved in politics, they are lobbying for vampire rights, and they are successfully inserting themselves into society.

Not a vampire.

Like any unknown, many humans are unwilling to accept them. And they have a point, right? Vampires... drink human blood. While the talking heads claim that vampires only live synthetically, humans remain wary.

Also not vampires.

Sookie can reads minds, and the many in the parish of Bon Temps, Louisiana, think she's nutty. Very few are aware of her secret, but trust her to stay out of their heads.

Possibly a vampire.
Also possibly in need of a shower.

When vampire Bill Compton walks into Merlotte's Bar and Grill, Sookie is surprised and ecstatic to learn that she cannot read his mind. And after certain events unfold that evening, Bill is in Sookie's debt.

Not a vampire, but possibly one of the best characters ever.

Basically it's awesome.

With an amazing cast of characters, the viewer is drawn not only to the story of Sookie and Bill, but to her best friend, Tara, Merlotte's owner, Sam, and an awesome array of friends, coworkers, and family members. The stories just keep getting better, and before you're even aware, you are completely mesmerized.

I think that I need to own the DVDs soon. Very soon.

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