Friday, March 19, 2010

Raisins. An Irrational Hatred.

You know when you’re really looking forward to something and then when it happens, you get all mad at yourself for psyching yourself up in the first place because it only served to let you down?

Yeah, that was my morning.

I got off the bus downtown and started my walk to campus. I beelined (however, not like the Beetard) to Biggby for a bagel. Not just any bagel, oh no. This is the best bagel to ever bagel. It is a – wait for it – cinnamon vanilla bagel. It’s pretty much awesomeness in circular form.

Alas, there was a new barista working. She not only had no idea who I was (the NERVE), she accidentally gave me the wrong fucking bagel.

So I got to work, took my time to painstakingly prepare my warm, toasted, lovely bagel with a little butter, and took my first bite. This first bite - an action that should have been accompanied by a chorus of angels – was a complete farce. A FARCE.

For you see, I had just bitten into a warm, gooey RAISIN.

Oh. OH, how I hate raisins in bagels. I think that they are just divine on their own, but not in bagels. NOT IN BAGELS.

I plucked out the shriveled parasitic fruit from the bagel and it wasn’t half bad. And I had white tea. The morning was not ruined.



Waayers said...

You make me laugh, HP. :)

Also, I love cinnamon raisin bagels. Don't hate me.

lem said...

I had the best cinnamon raisin bread after my half marathon last weekend. Now some might say anything would have been "the best" after that kind of run, but seriously, this bakery makes heavenly bread. I'm sad that I have a loaf of their honey whole wheat only because it isn't cinnamon raisin. If only I didn't know how good that flavor was!

Heather said...

waayers - THANK you. I don't hate you. But I will look at you with disgust forevermore.

lem - WHAT BAKERY? Except that I don't want that bread. I want OTHER bread. I love bread.