Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cookie Monster

Sometimes, you just need a cookie.

Luckily for me, there are more than enough places on campus to choose from, and it seemed like a good idea to try a chocolate chip-ish cookie at as many places as possible. You know, to find the best choice. It's a hard job, but someone had to do it, right?

Here are my latest trials, in alphabetical order:

Milk Chocolate Chunk
size: 4 ounces
price: (free for me - leftover from a luncheon)
grade: B

The chocolate is nice. The cookie is nicely sweet and there is a lovely hint of vanilla. The cookie itself is a little too crumbly, but all in all, it was good. Plus it was free, but I will not take that fact into consideration.

Insomnia Cookies (sold at Stucchi's)
Chocolate Chunk
size: 4 oz
price: $1.00
grade: A+

Served warm (as advertised!), these cookies are hard to beat. The edge is crispy and the middle is soft and gooey. The chocolate chunks are huge. They look and taste like homemade cookies from grandma's house. Fantastic. Lastly, you can order them online and have them DELIVERED. That's awesome.

Jimmy John's
Chocolate Chip
size: 4 ounces
price: $1.09, but don't waste your money
grade: D

Ugh. These taste like mass-produced cookies on their way to 7-11. They're not very soft, and often taste a little stale. There's a good amount of chocolate in each one, but otherwise stay away.

Chocolate Chunk
size: 4 ounces
price: I don't remember...
grade: B

I think that these cookies are just fine. The amount of chocolate is nice, but a bit too overwhelming for me. They're also a little too crisp for my liking.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
size: 4 ounces
price: $1.09
grade: A

Potbelly has great cookies, and this oatmeal fusion cookie was one of my favorites. I've never been an oatmeal cookie kind of person, except for the no-bake cookies I remember making at Girl Scout camp. But these cookies are awesome. Baked fresh daily, they are always soft and chewy. The chocolate chips are well dispersed. Best of all, they're not overly sweet.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Chocolate Chip
size: 4 ounces, maybe a little more
price: $2.54
grade: B+

It didn't hurt that this cookie was fresh out of the oven - she placed the cookie in my hand with the spatula. It melted in my mouth. The dough was just cooked, which was satisfying. It reminded me of how I tend to eat cookie dough from the bowl instead of dropping it onto cookie sheets. It was the most expensive though, and that hurt its score.

The verdict? The Insomnia cookie was AMAZING. Go get one! Or twelve!

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