Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Waning Days of Autumn

The last day of October is probably a fitting date to show you one of the reasons that I love my beautiful state. We actually got a nice bit of autumn this year, unlike previous years in which we had crisp mornings and sweater weather for about, oh, five days before the snow fell in buckets.

Day One: Car on Street
Leaf Level: Low

Day Two: Car on Street
Leaf Level: Insane

I jumped in those.
They were piled about a foot deep.

The Focus is scared and cannot see properly.
I used my snow and ice scraper to clean off the car.

And, lo! Before I knew it, it was Halloween! I journeyed to my parents' house to see my nieces dressed up for the day of sugar and ghosties.

Steven was a little exhausted after the trick-or-treating.

Kari and her babies: a witch and a 50s girl.
The 50s girl had some chocolate.
Okay, more than some.
When I arrived, she was spinning in circles.

Oh, and here's my brilliant pumpkin
of geometrically pleasing shapes:

Happy Halloween!

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