Thursday, October 04, 2012

Free Water = Free Candy. Wait, What?

There is a grocery-type shop in the basement of the Union on campus (when I was a student, it was a student travel agency, but whatever), and they sell all manner of things.  The pre-made sandwiches are pretty amazing, and they carry a ton of Michigan-made products.

They also have a small bulk food section in the back of the store.  THIS WILL BECOME IMPORTANT LATER.

The student government at U of M has taken it upon themselves to lobby for the University to ban the sale of bottled water on campus.  The University won't ban it entirely, but they compromised by installing "Refill Stations" all over campus.  They're pretty cool, actually.  The grocery-type shop has one, too, and they want to reward people for using it.

Step 1: Refill your water bottle for free
Step 2: Get a stamp/punch each time
Step 3: Do this ten times
Step 4: Get a free half-pound bag of bulk candy (or granola, if you're a hippie)

AWESOME, right?

I only have three punches so far, but I am SO getting some chocolate covered pretzels, you guys.  They will be my reward for drinking water instead of Coke.


Cut to the other weekend, when I took Mike to a bulk food store.  Apparently, he had never set foot in one before, and he acted like... well, a kid in a candy store.

Thirty-five bucks later, Mike was happy.  And SUPER high on sugar.  I will need to get him some water.

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