Friday, June 01, 2012

Things I Must Come to Terms With

I sometimes live in my own little Heather world.  It's nice.  There are no other drivers but me, expensive fancy coffees are free, and my office is always warm and comfortable.  It's pretty awesome, you guys.

But there are other drivers on the road and they are the worst and I hate them all.  My fancy mochas are not free.  In fact, after tracking my expenditures for over a year, there was a month that I spent more money on coffee than on GAS FOR MY CAR.  That. Is. Ridiculous.

Also, never tell my father about that, okay?

Also, I will never be warm at work.  Never.  In the winter, I'm freezing.  In the summer, the air conditioning is dropped to what feels like arctic levels, and I have two blankets and several cardigans on hand, and I'm freezing.  Also, there are space heaters.

So here are the things that I need to deal with:

1. I am far - FAR - from the only person to idolize Audrey Hepburn.  I have to accept this. For a long time, I considered myself to be her biggest fan.  Turns out, that's like saying, "I am the biggest fan of kitten and puppy videos on the internet!"  She was a pretty awesome woman, and she used her celebrity for GOOD. I LOVE HER.

2. I am probably never going to have a pet cat. But that's okay!  It's okay, you guys.  I am mildly allergic, but being in a one mile radius with a cat could kill Mike.  KILL HIM.  He's that allergic.  So I've made my peace.  I mean, I've heard that they're just a bunch of dickfores who are secretly plotting to kill their owners.

3. I am never going to be able to be happy 24-7.  I look to my friend Merrick for inspiration because she always sees the best in people, always assumes the best instead of the worst, and loves people unconditionally.  She once said, "I just love people!" and that was referencing living and working in DC, so I  remember thinking, "Wow. I... I might not be a good enough person to be friends with her."  But I know now that she is just an unbreakable mold of good.  I also know that I am generally a good person and I do love and respect people.  I do try and see the best qualities in a person.  But it's difficult, and I try, but I know that I'm never going to be as sunshiny as I want to be.

4. I will probably never own a new car.  It's just not worth the investment, as I am now on record as a car destroyer.  I am just terrible with my poor baby Focus.  The driver's side mirror is on its third incarnation, there's a lovely scrape down the driver's side thanks to an errant pillar in the parking garage, and it smells musty inside because there was apparently standing water in the trunk that rusted the jack and the spare together.  Anyway, new cars are overrated. They lose their value as soon as you drive them off of the lot, right?  Right?

5. On the same track, I will probably never remember to get an oil change on time.  That's all.

What have you come to terms with in your wise old age?


Waayers said...

"Oh my gosh, you love Dave Matthews?! *I* love Dave Matthews!"

Sorry...your comment about Audrey Hepburn made me think of that. :)

Heather said...

waayers - Exactly!