Friday, June 08, 2012

These Effing Raccoons, I'm Telling You

So basically, these little fuckers are not scared of people.  Not scared at all.

This was fun.  He was directly at my feet. I did not use the zoom on the camera.  He is absolutely unafraid of humans. Which is how he will plan a massive takeover.  With the help of neighborhood cats, of course.  Those fuckers clearly hate the world.

 Oh, and this!  This is when my neighbors threw hamburger buns to him.  Directly into his greedy little, creepily human-like, paws.

My neighbors suck, you guys.


lem said...

I'm kind of concerned that he seems to be staring straight at you in every picture except one.

Heather said...

lem - He is exerting his dominance. He wants me to know that he is not scared and that he will maul me to death with his human-like hands and feast on my remains.