Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let's Learn About One of My Pet Peeves!

Of which I have many.

Today, and many other days, one of my pet peeves really smacked me in the face.

I'm inching along in the parking garage, trying to find a spot that isn't on the freaking roof - which is made all the more difficult because there is construction going on, and half of the spots are inaccessible, making me more and more irate as I have to skip the third level altogether for lack of an available spot - and lo! I see one! Just past that big ass SUV...

It's like a beacon. It's like light is shining down. I get ready to pull into the spot, thrilled that I won't be up on the roof of the garage, and...


Goddamn stupid mini cars, ruining everyone's lives. GOD.

I mean, LOOK AT IT. It's a fucking Lego car.
That driver? Is a tool.

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