Friday, August 12, 2011

Did You Get Free Cheerios in the Mail? Oh. I Did.

I think that I've mentioned how I love to sign up for free stuff, right? Well, one of the most fun things about this insane quirk of mine is that things tend to take more than a few days to arrive. Sometimes the free bounty takes weeks. Months! And then I forget that I was going to get said treat in the mail, and when it arrives, the day becomes glorious!

And I can't even tell you how many fancy tampons I've received. SO MANY TAMPONS, you guys.

But it gets better (as if free tampons isn't the best it could ever get)!

Sometime last August, I discovered that Ann Arbor is one kick ass place to be on one's birthday. I got free meals, free coffee, free cupcakes, free candles. Free tea, free bagels, and Lord knows what else. Well, I must have signed up for some of the birthday clubs too late, because I have no fewer than ten emails in my inbox for MOAR FREE SHIT.

-Free burger at Red Robin
-Free coffee at Caribou
-Free burger at Ruby Tuesday
-Free dessert at Macaroni Grill
-Free ice cream at Coldstone
-$10 gift certificate to World Market
-Gift cards to The Limited, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and other yuppie stores that I like

Basically, I've never been sad for a birthday, even as I've breached thirty. Birthdays are fun! They are a new beginning, a new start, a new way to count one's blessings, blah, blah, etc.

Oh, and FREE SHIT.

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