Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pepsi Is Horrible and I Stand By My Statement

Mike took me to San Diego, and... well, here it is:

We flew out of the old terminal in Detroit. To many of you, this might sound like a death wish, and you would be correct. They've renovated the whole damn thing, which is great because you no longer feel like you're walking through an industrial wasteland on the way to your gate, but...

Tell me if you've ever heard of something like this before -- every shop, restaurant, eatery, snack stand, and vending machine served only Pepsi products. The whole fucking terminal was pretty much sponsored by Pepsi, and I almost had an aneurysm. No Coke? Are you KIDDING me?

I am not exaggerating. Even McDonald's - MCDONALD'S for Christ's sake - had Pepsi. What is the world coming to? OH MY FREAKING GOD.

You won't let me bring in liquids and then you forbid me from buying a four-dollar 20-ounce bottle of Coke from one of the bitchiest sales clerks in the history of the world?



Megan said...

Dude, have you heard about this book? I *just* started reading it.

Heather said...

megan - I don't think that there could be anything in that book that would make me stop drinking Coke.

Sure, a glass of Coke can dissolve a NAIL, and apparently it was the official soft drink of the Nazi Regime (from one of the reviews on that page), but I would still drink it.

Even if it was used in place of Kool-Aid at Jamestown... I would still drink it.

Even if a Coca-Cola delivery truck blew up an elementary school ON PURPOSE... I would still drink it.

But yeah, let me know how that book grabs you.

Megan said...

LOL. I feel you. Fast Food Nation made me stopping eating McDonalds -- until a year later when I was desperate for a COKE and probably a Sausage McMuffin with no egg. I just like to hear about the hidden horrors of these companies.

Heather said...

Yeah, it's like when you learned that Disney was evil and whatnot.

Mush said...

You need to go to Atlanta. For you, heaven on earth.

Heather said...

mush - That would be a DREAM trip.

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