Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Good God, Y'All

Southeastern Michigan is currently bracing for a Snowmageddon/Snowpacalypse of its very own. A Snowmagedalypse, if you will.

The Ann Arbor area is supposed to get 12-15 inches of snow, with the majority of it falling after midnight.


My morning job, being a temp job, but also being located at a part of the University that has more than enough money to throw around, has already told us to stay home. Considering that I'm to be there at 7:45 a.m., I am completely fine with this.

For my actual salaried position, aka "afternoon job," the University's position on extreme weather applies: "Come to work, but use your best judgment." This basically means (and I'm paraphrasing Sarah here), "Come to work, or you're in trouble. And if you come to work and get into an accident on the way, then you weren't using good judgment." Ta dah!

The University hasn't canceled classes and closed the University for snow since 1978, which means that I, as a staff person, will have to be there or use leave. Awesome.

But the other campuses are closed. UNFAIR.

Anyway, here are the "before" shots that I took from my front door. I would have taken more around the neighborhood, but lo, it is cold and I am lazy.

The Focus awaits the bombardment.

The hippie house across the street...

My front porch sans snow.
Evil genius cat won't be lounging here tomorrow...



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