Thursday, October 28, 2010


It all began in the fall of 2003. We met while interning together at the National Museum of American History.

Our first Happy Hour was at a place called Lulu's, on the edge of George Washington University's campus, and we all finished our internships, more or less, by December.

But the friendships were SET.

Now that we're spread out from coast to coast, it's obviously less than easy to get together. Betsy's in California, Merrick and Laurel are in DC, and I'm stuck in the Midwest.

But now? This evening, they are all flying in for a FRIEND SUMMIT in Ann Arbor! I think that it's awesome that we're still close after seven years, especially since we brushed paths so quickly. Perhaps it tells us that museum dorks are loyal. Or that we're just dorks. Either way.

Here is a really horrid picture of the four of us at Betsy's "Farewell DC, Hello NYC" Dinner. It was the middle of a DC summer, and we were all disgustingly shiny and sweaty. And I made everyone squeeze together for a photo. God, I'm an asshole.


And if I could learn how to scan a picture on the ridiculous scanner at work, I would be able to show you a picture of us from that first happy hour at Lulu's. But I'm an idiot and I can't figure out the scanner. Here's all you need to know: We were seven years younger, we were morons, and we drank too much beer and too many shots. And I think that my hair is in pigtails. Lord.

Anyway, we are going to do so many fun things, you guys! Most will involve food. All will involve wine, including a trip to the Botanical Gardens. It's like you need wine to look at flower after flower. And there will most likely be cupcakes.

I went to the grocery store last night and picked up waaaay too much junk food. I already have at least ten bottles of wine - do you think that will be enough? I also have shit beer (Bud Light) leftover from my birthday party, but that's going to have to sit in the fridge unless it proves itself to be absolutely necessary.

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