Sunday, October 13, 2013

Three Words: Bumpy. Cake. Sundae.

Do you know what a bumpy cake is? DO YOU? This is bumpy cake:

Do you see all of that frosting? It is incredible. It's made by several companies, but the two best are Awrey's and Sanders.

Growing up, my cousin, Holley, would always have an Awrey's bumpy cake for her birthday - much to the delight of her cousin (me, for those of you not paying attention). It was so frosting-y and chocolaty and delightful, and one piece was never enough.

Right, so Kari and I were screwing around in Downtown Wyandotte and decided that what we needed was ice cream. Sometimes that ice cream craving is solved by a cone from Burger King or a frosty from Wendy's, but this was serious. A very serious craving. And Sanders was open.

Come in! You will not be disappointed...

When Kari and I entered the ice cream parlor, we thought that we were getting ice cream -like a scoop or two. But then I saw the menu and knew that it was fate that brought us there that night because BUMPY CAKE SUNDAE.

You might be thinking, "That can't be real." OH WAIT IT CAN.

Eat me.

I just realized that this picture doesn't do it justice, for you can only see the ice cream and hot fudge, but trust me... there was cake under there, and it was borderline illegal.