Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Perfect Storm

So I take these online surveys and earn points, and there isn't much in the company's rewards catalog that I like. Except magazines. I love magazines. The only one that I have religiously subscribed to is National Geographic, and that's because I love it. And also because my dad has been getting it for me for Christmas since my junior year of college.

Best. Day. Ever.

I walked to the mailbox in the rain yesterday, which was fine because I LOVE getting the mail. I seriously do. You never know what you'll find! Obviously, the best is when there is a package, but that doesn't happen every day no matter how many free samples I try to get.

But yesterday? Three magazines. THREE. Besides Nat Geo and Smithsonian, these are the best. Food & Wine, Elle Decor, and Bon Appetit. GLORIOUS.

So I spent my evening watching DVRed episodes of Sarah 101 and Good Eats while reading my magazines. If Mike has to travel, so be it. At least I have distractions.

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