Friday, September 09, 2011

Hi! I'm the Worst! Also, ADHD.

Dear Mike,

I know that I said that I would clean the kitchen, but things started happening.

First, I remembered that I really needed to set the DVR to record all of the shows. ALL OF THE SHOWS.

Second, I noticed that the bird feeders were empty, so I refilled them. I love birds.

Third, I wanted Biggby. So I went to get a coffee. That took some time because I also brought my book and I sat there and read for a while.

Fourth, I got home and was about to start cleaning, but I thought that there was something in my eye, so I went to check, and when I discovered that there was not something in my eye, I thought that I would rearrange the makeup drawer in my bathroom.

Then, I realized that it was probably time to wash towels, because I couldn't remember the last time we had washed towels, and I thought that it was probably time.

And that's why the kitchen is still a disaster.


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