Monday, July 18, 2011

The Animals or How Mike and I Are Really Glad That We Found Each Other Because No Other Sane Person Would Have Us

This has been a really, really rough week you guys. Mike had to go to Iowa (of all places) for work and I really missed him, I was totally PMSing, and my teddy bear -- my precious Teddy -- was undergoing major, life-altering surgery.

Those who know me well know about Teddy. They don't even think that it's strange that I am 30 years old and still have a strange affinity for my childhood friend (at least, they don't say it to my face).

I wrote about Teddy some time ago, and I'll just reiterate that my connection to him has not changed. Nor has his appearance.

(If you don't feel like reading that link, here are the basics: Teddy has been through way too much. It all started when I was a toddler and used to rip out his fur and stick it up my nose. My parents laughed hysterically rather than tried to stop me, and now he has fur on his head and paws. And nowhere else. Also, since I used to carry him around tucked with his neck under my arm, there is no stuffing left in his neck. It's pathetic, really.)

You see, Mike and I are a weird couple. I'm not kidding. We are bizarre, extremely strange people, and we are lucky beyond lucky that we found each other because we just fit.

Obviously, we recognize this, or else I would be way too embarrassed to share all of this with you. So here it is: We have several stuffed animals (more than eight) and we have given them all different, distinct personalities.

Often, I will come home and find them arranged in hilarious ways. Once, they were playing poker:

Lamby Lamb had a good hand, you guys.

Another time, they were all mooning me for neglecting to take them on a car ride out to Holland with me:


It all started with Mr. Happy Dinosaur. One of the best gifts I've ever received, Mr. Happy Dinosaur made everything better. Plus, no one would ever mess with me if they knew that I had a dinosaur to protect me.

So Teddy had surgery. And I was distraught. But now? His head doesn't flop over and stuffing isn't pouring out of his neck. So, that's good.

Yes, that pillow has eyes. Yes, I sewed eyes on a pillow.
The eyes are the window to the soul, you guys!

Basically, we are crazy people with stuffed animals, and we admit as such. But we're happy, in our own completely bizarre way, so we're cool with our collective insanity. But if you disagree, feel free to leave comments. I'm sure that Lamby Lamb will take it well. EXCEPT THAT HE WON'T and will most likely murder you in your bed.


lem said...

You sewed the eyes on the pillow? Why would you do that? Creepy!

Heather said...

lem - Yes. Yes, I did. And I agree that it's creepy, but if you met Ms. Pillow, you would see that she is very nice.

So is this what insanity feels like?