Friday, November 05, 2010


Like most people, I'm guessing, I have more than one email address. There is my work email address, which delivers nothing but boringness, pain, work, headaches, and more work. And anything from my boss, which makes me want to murder things.

Then there is also my regular, non-work email address, which receives lovely email messages from my friends and family, as well as an email alert when one of you nice people comments on something I write here. Also sometimes I get reminders of the hair appointment that I have coming up this month, and ways in which I can cancel this appointment for whatever reason (this month's reason: lack of money). Also, I get updates from The Facebook, which are basically the only times I manage to check The Facebook.

But then there exists my "other" email address. This is the email I use when signing up for free shit online, for emails from Borders and Barnes & Noble, grocery store coupons, and something called "Clean Water Action." I think that I signed their petition once. All I remember is that it possibly had something to do with Candians or Ohioans trying to steal Michigan's water. I don't recall. I just knew that I didn't want Canadians or Ohioans anywhere near our water.

(I don't like Canadians, by the way, for no good reason. My main reason? Alex Trebek. He's Canadian and I pretty much hate him. Hence, I hate Canada).

Right, so there are actually a few other email addresses, but one is used only for when I am applying for jobs, so it hasn't been utilized lately, and the other might have something else to do with this blog, but I can't remember. And I can't be fucked to find out.

Anyway, I have the "other" email. I have it courtesy of yahoo. It seems fine, and I've had it for years. I don't think that I've ever really had a problem with it. But as this is the email address that gets screwed, this is also where I get the most amazing amount of junk mail and spam.

I received this one today, which inspired this blog post.

From: Bra
To: (it looks like I replaced my name with "recipient," but I did not. This is actually how it was addressed, which honestly makes me wonder how I got it at all. "Recipient" is not my name.)

Then, there was this gorgeous photo, peppered with words and phrases that may or may not have been added by someone for whom English is a second language.

Also, maybe they would luck out, and one of their "recipients" would be preggers!

I don't think that she is pregnant. Maybe a little sad, though. It's her eyes.

But I'm still trying to figure out how I got on this mailing list. Do you think that National Geographic sells email addresses? Because it's my first suspect.

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