Tuesday, November 02, 2010


For years, Ann Arborites learned to rake their leaves, and when the designated day arrived, push them into the street for a massive sucker-truck to come collect them. What happened to the leaves was anyone's guess. I'm hoping that we took them to Canada or something. To Alex Trebek's front lawn, preferably.

This year, to save money, there will be no sucky-truck coming to suck up the leaves. Inevitably, half of the people in my neighborhood will shove their massive leaf piles into the street, large enough that an idiot child could choose any one of them for a hiding place (which means that I can't barrel through them in the Focus, fucking kids), and there will be absolutely nowhere to park.

But there are some people out there, hoping to make a little fast cash:

Leave the clean-up where?


RR said...

Leave clean up to the professionals? Maybe?

lem said...

Thanks for taking a picture! I was really sad that I didn't have my camera out when we drove past.

Heather said...

rr - Yes. Because clearly they are professionals.

lem - Of course! I couldn't help myself.