Friday, December 19, 2008

So Much Snow

The weather has been less than delightful as of late, and while I love a nice snow-filled Christmas, this is going a bit too far for my tastes.

First, happier times:

Bunny tracks!

Last night from my porch.
Just a little snow...

But now? Oh holy Jesus, did it snow last night. It started around midnight (so the newscasters say - I was passed out, drugged to the max with Tylenol Cold PM - or as drugged out as one can be on Tylenol) and is to continue until 4 p.m. today. It is straight up insanity over here, and after hemming and hawing for a good twenty minutes, I reluctantly trudged into work.

I walked the two miles. Digging out my car would have taken an hour.

It didn't help the situation that there were already a good few inches of snow on the ground (we got that treat on Tuesday night). Add four more inches, coupled with the fact that only one person on my block ever shovels the goddamn sidewalk, and it equals a painfully long commute for me.

I live near an elementary school, so you'd think that access to cleared sidewalks would improve, but there was no relief there - school was cancelled for them. As for the plows, my side of the city is generally ignored and saved for last, so walking in the street was not an option, either.

I decided that waiting for the bus was a retarded choice, and continued on past my usual bus stop. Once I got near the business district of Main Street, the sidewalks got a little better and my walking wasn't as forced. I still wanted to turn around and go home. Luckily, the snow was gorgeous and fluffy, and I didn't care that I looked like a complete weirdo walking with my umbrella. I stayed dry and the snow stayed out of my eyes!

Once I got near campus, it was clear that I was going to be one of the few people at work today. It was deserted.

That's my museum above. I'm stuck there until five. And it's STILL SNOWING.


lem said...

SNOW! I wish it would snow here. It was 50 here yesterday. And someone didn't think ahead when leaving for vacation and locked her plants inside with no regulation of temperature. I think I killed one. Good thing I don't have kids. Or pets.

Heather said...

lem - I love the snow. For the first few snowfalls. Then people stop shoveling their walks and I want to retaliate with firebombs.

lem said...

Those might get rid of the snow.

Heather said...

lem - Agreed. Maybe I should stock up.