Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gee, THANKS, Netflix

Thank you, Netflix, for delivering just one of the three discs that were supposed to arrive today. Sports Night season 1, disc TWO. Forget for a moment that I expected discs one, two, and three, and that I only watched the show sporadically when it was on ten years ago, thereby ensuring the necessity of watching them in order.

I'm sure you loved the fact that the last three discs I rented sat on top of my DVD player for over two months, saving you money while wasting mine. So what better time to extract a little more cash, right? Right?


(I wouldn't care so much if it weren't for a predicted snow and freezing ice BLIZZARD that is supposed to hit around midnight tonight, kicking the city's ass and leaving me with nothing to watch but my own DVD collection. Life is HARD.)


JLR said...

Oh, Sports Night! One of the best shows ever! I hope that you get the first disc soon!

That was one of the first shows that made me think that I might be a show killer. My So-Called Life, Sports Night, Wonderfalls, Veronica Mars, and now Pushing Daisies (best show EVER). All favorite shows, all watched religiously, all killed off. With my luck, next will be Life.

JLR said...

Now that I've finished catching up with your blog, I'm reminded that Arrested Development should be on that list.

I really shouldn't be allowed to watch t.v.

Heather said...

jlr - The beauty of Netflix both makes us happy and sad. I love that I can watch shows in their entireties, without commercials and in only a few days. But then I remember that they won't be on the real tv.

Veronica Mars hit me hard. I remember watching the dvds, and when the last episode went to credits, I said out loud, to my empty apartment, "No. That can't be it. There's no way that was the last episode ever. Noooooooo!"

Heather said...

But also, Sports Night is AWESOME. I love it!