Friday, November 21, 2008

"I Can't Put My Arms Down!"

It is cold. COLD.

Upon dragging my unwilling ass out of bed this morning, I checked the weather. It is a testament to my will-power that I didn't crawl back into bed immediately. 16 degrees, but "feels like" 6. Six. SIX. Boo-urns!

As it is, I ran the space heater in the bathroom while I showered. I didn't care if it was hazardous. If I died somehow, at least I'd be warm.

Getting dressed also presented a problem. My heat is programmed to seventy degrees at 6:00, but an hour was not long enough to warm anything. The floors were icy and I got dressed in the bathroom after my shower. With the space heater.

Friday is slightly casual, in my head at least, and I found heavier jeans that I deemed appropriate. (Hell, the exhibits department guys wear twenty year-old jeans and ripped tee shirts every day - I'm sure my jeans aren't all that scandalous.) Two pair of socks, a tank top, a long sleeved tee, and a thick sweater were only the beginning. I pulled on my Thinsulate-lined knee high boots, my wool hat, and a scarf before topping it all with my wool coat.

And then? I was Randy.

I mean, I could put my arms down, but when it came time to cross the street, I had to turn my entire body to make sure there were no cars hurtling at me.

I don't know why it's so cold now, though I suppose it's always been this cold in Michigan in mid-November and maybe it's because I haven't been here for Thanksgiving in six years, but I am a massive loser wuss. Why is it sunny and snowing at the same time? Why is there snow on my deck that just. won't. melt? Why do I have to scrape my windshield every time I want to go somewhere?


lem said...

I think it is about time to bring out that movie and Christmas Vacation. Tis the season! Ooo and Love Actually; a Thanksgiving tradition, thanks to HP. I'll have to take that to M&Ms.

Deals On Wheels said...


Move to Texas. I'm cold right now and the high is supposed to be 74 today. I'd die in Michigan.

Heather said...

lem - Love Actually. Now that is something I need to watch like, now.

deals - Yes, but you have scorpions and poisonous snakes there.

You would die in Michigan, though I wonder how you survived Syracuse...?