Monday, August 12, 2013

It Was Earth ALL ALONG

Have you ever realized that you had a bag of M&Ms in your desk at work ALL ALONG and you only discovered it JUST NOW?

Because that's what happened to me. Just now.

My inner monologue: 

"I ate my healthy lunch, and I really want to go get some sugar and/or chocolate and/or gummy bears, but I shouldn't. There is all of this work to do and broken ankle weight to lose* and money to save.

"Well... maybe I could go to the vending machine. I think that there is some spare change in my desk dra... WHAT IS THIS?  

Aw yiss.**

Also, I love that the bag says that it is "Sharing Size: 2 Servings" because AS IF people (read: me) won't eat the entire bag in one sitting, let alone SHARE.

...................And that was my afternoon.


*Broken ankle weight is the weight I gained during the recuperation period after breaking my ankle and the subsequent surgery that turned me into part-robot:

I couldn't put weight on it for almost three fucking months, and I gained enough weight to truly hate myself. Yay!

**Aw yiss is something I picked up on Hark! A Vagrant, and I want to use it all of the time, but would never take credit from Kate Beaton because she is brilliant and I want to be as funny as her:
(Credit - Kate Beaton at Hark! A Vagrant:

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